Help your customers
get the compensation they deserve

More than 20 million passengers suffer from flight incidents per year. We prosecute their rights and award you a commission of
on average 4 000 € per month.


for your clients

By partnering with us you help your customers to claim for compensations that occurred on trips you sold.


Education for your travel audience

By partnering with us you help to educate your visitors on passenger rights and compensation possibilities.


Cost savings for passenger rights cases

By partnering with us you manage to prosecute passenger right claims much more cost effectively.

Our partners


What do we do?

We are a passenger rights portal and prosecute compensation claims against airlines.
Our service portfolio covers the following flight incidents.


Flight delay

In case of a 3 hour flight delay at arrival

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Flight cancellation

In case of a cancelled flight 14 days before departure

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Denied boarding

In case of overbooking / denied boarding

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Delayed / Lost luggage

Arrival without luggage

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Ticket refund

In case of a missed / not boarded flight

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Package tour

In case of a cancelled travel package

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How does it work?

We compensate you for every eligible
claim you submit



You need to sign up online to become a partner


Share flight information

You share flight information that we check for eligibility


Communicate outcome

You inform your customer about claim eligibility, and they submit the claim


Earn money

Your customers and you receive the compensation / commission after our successful claim enforcement

We help you to process passenger right claims much more cost effectively



You need to sign up online to become a partner


Set up individual solution

We set up an individual solution for your requirements


Save money

With our expertise we help you identify which cases are entitled for a compensation claim

How can I use MYFLYRIGHT?

We offer several promotional tools that you can use
to inform your customers about their passenger rights.

Standard tools (for quick implementation)



Place the widget on your website. Customers can click on the widget and submit their claims directly to us.



Place our banner on your or another website to inform potential customers about their passenger rights.

referral link

Referral link

Place your unique referral link on your website or share it directly with your customer.

Expert tools (for the best results)



Use our Midoco interface for automated claims verification and customer communication.

flight info

Flight Info Alert

Inform your customers about upcoming flight irregularities of their flights.

customized api

Customised API solutions

Use our API solutions to best serve your needs.

What’s in it for you?


Value for your customers

Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty. Provide a unique service by informing your customers about their potential compensation claims.


Attractive commission

Earn money by partnering up with us. We offer an attractive performance-based commission structure for each eligible claim.


Superior infrastructure

High impact with little effort. Through our highly-automated partner platform you leverage new growth potential easily.

How much money can you earn with MYFLYRIGHT?

An average tour agent in Germany can expect to earn 4 000 € per month by cooperating with us. For every eligible claim that we successfully process thanks to your recommendation, you receive an attractive commission.

In 2019, German tour agents sold more than 70 m flight tickets resulting in a total revenue of 11 bn € and a possible compensation value for affected flight passengers through flight irregularities of approximately 1.2 bn €.

Below you will find an average revenue calculation for flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding, showing what you can earn by cooperating with us. You can quickly check for yourself how much money you could earn by cooperating with us.

Tour agent calculation example Monthly Yearly
Flight segments sold (#)
13 585 163 020
Flight tickets (per passenger) sold (#)
5 500 66 000
Flight tickets with round trips (%)
90% 90%
Flight tickets with connecting flights (%)
30% 30%
Total possible customer compensation value (€)
92 378 1 108 536
Flights eligible for compensation (%)
2% 2%
Average passenger compensation value (€)
340 340
Your total possible commission value (€)
4 075 48 906
Commission fee per eligible passenger (€)
15 15

Try it out yourself and calculate your potential commission value!

On average 2 % of delivered flights are eligible for compensation. Depending on the compensation value, we will pay you on average 15 € for every eligible referral.

Become a partner



Top commission rates

We offer one of the highest commission rates in the travel compensation market.


Strong legal expertise and network

We represent passenger rights expertise across various EU countries with a success rate of 98% at court.


Excellent customer service

We provide first-class service by assigning our partners a trusted point of contact.

Our customers love us

Partner program FAQ

MYFLYRIGHT enforces passenger rights. MYFLYRIGHT's services include flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, delayed/ lost luggage, ticket refunds and travel package refunds.

We only earn money upon the successful enforcement of passenger claims against travel service providers. For this matter we charge a commission depending on the travel irregularity and the respective service offering. We have two service offerings:

1. Claim enforcement - we charge our customers a commission of 25% + VAT upon successful claim enforcement.

2. Direct acquisition - we transfer the compensation amount minus our commission of 35% + VAT within 24 hours after receiving all required documents from customer.

Following service offerings apply for the respective travel incidents:

Claim enforcement: flight delays, flight cancellations by airline, denied boarding, delayed/ lost luggage, ticket refunds and travel package refunds.

Direct acquisition: flight delay, flight cancellations by airline, ticket refunds.

All received claims are checked by an automated intelligence solution and for more complex claims we engage our well-trained Claims Specialists. In some cases, our Claim Specialists might request additional documents. Depending on the case complexity, travel service provider and court location a claim enforcement can take up to 18 months. Majority of cases are solved within 4 - 12 weeks after receiving all requested documents.

Anyone who has a connection to travel related claims. This applies in particular to travel agencies, booking platforms, insurers, etc.

We pay out a commission for every successfully processed claim. Our commission structure is as follows:

15 € for following travel incidents: flight delays, flight cancellations by airline, denied boarding.

5 € for following travel incidents: ticket refunds, delayed/ lost luggage, travel package refunds.

Commission is paid out by end of each month to all our partners.

For our insurance partners we have a customized approach which is tailored to the specific insurer challenges.

In order to become a partner, please fill out our sign-up form.

"In simple terms, we help insurers process their compensation claims and create an individual solution for them. There are 3 steps to be completed:

1. Register: You need to sign up online to become a partner.

2. Set up individual solution: We set up an individual solution for your specific needs.

3. Save money: With our expertise we help you identify which cases have a valid claim for compensation.

Commission is paid out to the specified bank account of our partners at the end of each month.

Your personal data will only be used for internal purposes such as registration, invoicing and money transfer. Passenger travel data will only be used to check for claim eligibility. MYFLYRIGHT will never make use of passenger data without our partners permission.

If you decide to cancel your partnership, then just send us an email to We will transfer the outstanding commission to your bank account and terminate the contract.

No! The participation in our partner program is completely free.

If you would like to know more about our partner program, visit our website or send us an email to