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Aegean Airlines – flight delay and flight cancellation



11045 flights tracked

5 flights delayed by >3 hours

16 flights cancelled

Aegean Airlines S.A., which has the IATA code A3, is the largest Greek airline company. It is a member of Star Alliance. Athens International Airport is where the airline's hub is located. Its secondary hub can be found at Larnaca International Airport. The company owns 49 fleets and flies to 153 destinations.


Viltanioti 31, 145 64 Kifissia, Greece

Flight irregularity

Flight # From To Expected Arrival Actual Arrival

Aegean Airlines S.A. has a frequent flyer program, Miles+Bonus. To register for the programme, please follow the instructions in the link. Contact details for Aegean Airlines Service Centre can be found here.

Aegean check-in options

You can check into Aegean Airlines flights online, on your mobile phone or tablet, or at the airport either by using a self-check-in machine or directly at the check-in desk.

Passengers who need special services onboard the plane, or who are flying with pets, are required to check in at the airline counter in the departure airport.

Aegean Airlines online check-in

Online check-in begins 48 hours and up to 30 minutes ahead of the time of departure and allows you to choose your seat and either print out your boarding pass or get it in mobile version (note that not all airports have mobile check-in as an option).

Online check-in for Aegean Airlines is available here.

Aegean online check-in with mobile

Mobile check-in allows you to check in for your flight and download the boarding pass in your own time. From 48 hours and up to 30 minutes before departure, you can check in, reserve your seat, and receive your boarding pass via your mobile device. Ensure mobile check-in is possible in the airport of departure.

A paper boarding pass can be picked up at a check-in machine (if located in the departure airport) or at the airline check-in desk, if something fails with your mobile boarding pass. This additionally applies if you experience any problems with your phone, or if you delete your boarding pass mistakenly.

Aegean Airlines check-in machines

These are the screens you can use to check in at the airport. Make sure check-in machines are available in your airport of departure before your trip. With almost all check-in machines, you can check in by using your passport, or by filling in your last name and the flight booking reference (found in your booking confirmation).

Aegean Airlines check-in deadlines

Check-in deadlines are established in order to make sure flights take off punctually. Whatever way you opt to check in, make sure you have your boarding pass and that all necessary baggage is checked ahead of the deadline.

For additional detailed information with respect to check-in deadlines for Aegean Airlines, follow the link.

Aegean Airlines baggage regulations

You can find out more about Aegean Airlines’ baggage policy here.

Aegean Airlines carry-on baggage

Your flight ticket travel class decides the carry-on baggage allowance when flying with Aegean Airlines. Carry-on baggage has to meet airline regulations.

If the carry-on baggage does not conform to regulations, it has to be checked in at an Aegean Airlines desk or a self-service bag drop kiosk, when possible. Additional fees may be necessary if this occurs.

Further information about allowance for carry-on baggage is here.

Dimensions of carry-on baggage – max. 56 x 45 x 25 cm
Foldable garment bag dimensions – max. 45 x 35 x 20 cm

Economy Class – 1 item of carry-on baggage up to 8 kg
Business Class – limited to 1 item of carry-on baggage, up to 8 kg

Aegean Airlines checked baggage

The ticket fare and travel class establish your free baggage allowance.

Dimensions for checked-in baggage – max. 158 cm (width + height + depth)

Aegean Airlines baggage allowance: Checked luggage

Economy Class – 1 baggage item, up to 23 kg
Business Class – 2 baggage items, each up to 32 kg

Aegean baggage allowance: Excess & special luggage

There are several things to consider concerning excess and special baggage.
Additional information with respect to excess baggage and flat fees can be found via the link.

Baggage considered to be excess

Economy Class – over 23 kg (maximum 32 kg) and/or above 158 cm
Business Class – above 158 cm (width + height + depth)

Aegean baggage allowance: Sports equipment

When bringing sports baggage on your trip, the information here will be of use. It is a good idea to make a reservation for your sports equipment before travelling because there is a limitation on the amount of space available for these items.

Additional information about sports baggage and equipment regulations can be found here.

Aegean Airlines luggage

There are a number of reasons why baggage can be damaged or does not arrive at the destination airport. Problems with your baggage can be because of technical difficulties in the baggage handling area, poor weather, or the baggage tag detaching from your luggage.
To find out about baggage compensation claims, or tracking baggage, click here.

Baggage delayed or damaged on Aegean Airlines

It is necessary to report damaged or delayed baggage right away, either to the Aegean Airlines baggage tracing counter or the Aegean Airlines service desk. It is crucial to keep hold of all flight documents, in particular your boarding pass and baggage claim tag.

You have to always provide your claim reference number and written confirmation. Till the baggage delivery, or your claim is resolved, you must keep these documents.

You can also decide to employ MYFLYRIGHT to claim for lost or delayed baggage, you can find more information about this here.

Aegean flight travel classes

The travel class defines the calibre of service and accommodation on an aircraft. The quantity of classes provided varies by airline. Aegean Airlines has 2 travel classes – Economy (GoLight and Flex) and Business. Cabin classes are then also split into invisible booking classes, which offer differing services. You will find more detailed information concerning Aegean Airlines travel classes here.

Aegean Airlines Economy Class

This travel class is the most affordable one provided by the airline. Economy Class on Aegean Airlines is offered on all flights.

Seats – 30-inch seat pitch
On-board entertainment – AEGEAN Stream service
On-board meal – snacks on domestic flights and full meals on international flights

Aegean Airlines Business Class

A class which allows passengers to travel in excellent comfort. Business Class can be recognisable from other travel classes by the standard of seats, meals and beverages, ground service and on-board extras.

Aegean Business Class on short & mid-haul routes

Passenger benefits

Priority check-in – check in at the special check-in counters
Additional baggage – 2 items of carry-on baggage
Lounges – access to Business Lounges is provided
Priority boarding – boarding the plane first
Seats – empty middle seat and greater leg room
On-board meal – meals and wines from Greek chefs

You can read more about short and mid-haul flights with Aegean Airlines Business Class here.

Aegean Business Class on long-haul routes

Passenger benefits

Priority check-in – check in at special check-in desks
Additional baggage – 2 items of carry-on baggage
Lounges – access to Business Lounges is provided
Priority boarding – boarding the plane first
Seats – empty middle seat and greater leg room
On-board meal – meals and wines from Greek chefs
On-board entertainment – Aegean Airlines inflight entertainment offers AEGEAN Stream service

Go here for further information respecting flying long-haul flights with Aegean Airlines Business Class.

Aegean Airlines airport lounges

You can access AEGEAN Business and Public Lounges.

Flying with children on Aegean Airlines flights

Children aged two (2) and above are required to have an individual seat reservation.

Depending on the country, specific regulations may need to be met for minors (under-age children) who are landing in or departing from the country, whether they are travelling alone, or with an adult, regardless if that adult has parental authority or not.

You always need to find out about all necessary documents before the flight, if not you may be refused entry or exit in a country.

Children’s menu – can be pre-ordered up to 24 hours before departure.

Further detailed information about flying with children with Aegean Airlines can be found by the link.

Travelling with pets on Aegean flights

Travelling with pets with Aegean Airlines is allowed.

In the event that the weight, size, plus country and other airline regulations are complied with, you can fly with your pet with an extra charge either as additional carry-on baggage or it can be transported via the cargo hold area of the airplane.

Additional details about travelling with pets with Aegean Airlines is available on this page.

MYFLYRIGHT On-Time-Ranking for airports and airlines

The On-Time-Ranking is a dynamic ranking and evaluation system developed by MYFLYRIGHT.

In this ranking we are currently monitoring and analyzing 114 airports and 65 airlines. Airport and airlines were selected based on three main criteria:

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We have selected airports and airlines that have a significant contribution to the European travel. Therefore, all airports that have been selected are from the EU and airlines with significant traffic within or from/ to the European Union.

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We are focusing only on airports and airlines where we have enough data points to make adequate analyses and evaluations.

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Traffic importance

We do not track the performance of micro airports with only a few flights per day. Instead, we only focus on airports and airlines with a moderate to high traffic.

If you would like to learn more about MYFLYRIGHT On-Time-Ranking for airports and airlines please click here.


MYFLYRIGHT is a legal tech company, specialized in the support of airline passengers affected by flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, delayed or lost luggage and the refund of unused airline tickets. MYFLYRIGHT was founded 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. The company operates out of 3 offices, its headquarter in Hamburg and its branches in Prague, Czech Republic and Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Currently, MYFLYRIGHT employs a team of around 25 people working in Marketing, Operations, Legal, Customer Support and IT. The organization operates across 5 markets – Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Austria, and Switzerland.

MYFLYRIGHT’s goal is to provide access to justice for all aviation passengers who experience irregularities in their flight transportation. Notably, 75% of all compensation requests submitted by passengers get rejected. Whereas, MYFLYRIGHT is able to successfully execute the applicable customer claims in more than 98% of cases at court.

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