Berlin Brandenburg Airport

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport – flight delay



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Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is a modern international airport serving the vibrant German capital of Berlin. It was officially opened in October 2020 after years of anticipation and construction. With its state-of-the-art facilities, two terminals, and a wide range of amenities, BER aims to provide a seamless travel experience for both domestic and international passengers, offering convenient connections to various destinations worldwide.

Willy-Brandt-Platz, 12529 Schönefeld, Germany

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Minimum Connection Time in Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The minimum connection time at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) depends on various factors such as the airline, terminal, and whether the connection is domestic or international. The minimum connection time for domestic flights at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is generally around 30-45 minutes. 

Typically, the minimum connection time for international flights at BER is around 45-60 minutes for passengers without checked baggage. For passengers with checked baggage, the minimum connection time can be longer, usually around 60-75 minutes or more.

It is recommended to consult with the specific airline or check the airport's official website for the most up-to-date and accurate information on minimum connection times at BER. These guidelines can help ensure a smooth transfer and allow sufficient time for security checks, immigration procedures, and moving between terminals if necessary.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) terminals

Terminal 1: This is the main terminal at Berlin Brandenburg Airport and serves both domestic and international flights. It is used by a variety of airlines, including:

Lufthansa, Eurowings, easyJet, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates and many others.

Terminal 5: This terminal is primarily used by low-cost carriers and handles a significant number of domestic and European flights. Some of the airlines operating from Terminal 5 include:

easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Vueling Airlines, SunExpress and others.

Transport to and from Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) can be easily reached by public transport. Here are some of the options available:

  • S-Bahn (Train): The airport is directly connected to the Berlin S-Bahn network. The S9 and S45 lines connect BER with various locations in Berlin. The journey time from the city center (e.g., Berlin Hauptbahnhof) to the airport is approximately 30-40 minutes.
  • Regional and Intercity trains: The airport has a train station called "Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2," located beneath Terminal 1. Regional and Intercity trains connect BER with other cities in Germany and neighboring countries. Travelers can access the train station from the airport terminals via designated walkways.
  • Airport express bus: The "TXL JetExpressBus" operates between Berlin Brandenburg Airport and Berlin city center (Alexanderplatz). This direct bus service offers a convenient and efficient option for reaching the airport.
  • Local buses: Several local bus lines provide connections to Berlin Brandenburg Airport, including the 163, 171, and 735. These buses serve various neighborhoods and train stations in Berlin, allowing passengers to access the airport from different parts of the city.
  • Taxis and rideshare services: Taxis and rideshare services are readily available at designated pick-up points outside the airport terminals. They offer a convenient door-to-door transportation option for travelers.

Where to have a rest in Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) offers several options for resting and relaxation within its terminals. Here are some areas and amenities where you can find a place to rest:

Lounges at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

BER has various lounges that offer comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, and other amenities. Some lounges are accessible to passengers traveling in specific classes or with certain airline memberships, while others may be available for a fee. These lounges provide a quiet and relaxed environment to rest and unwind.

Rest zones: The airport provides designated rest zones with reclining chairs or sleeping pods where passengers can take a nap or rest between flights. These rest zones are typically located in quiet areas and offer a more comfortable space for relaxation.

Airport hotels at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

BER is directly connected to several hotels, such as the Steigenberger Airport Hotel and the Meininger Hotel Berlin Airport. These hotels are located within walking distance or a short shuttle ride from the terminals, offering convenient accommodation options for travelers who need a longer rest period.

Seating areas: Throughout the airport terminals, you can find numerous seating areas where you can sit and relax. These areas often have charging stations for electronic devices, allowing you to recharge while taking a break.

Observation decks: BER has observation decks that offer panoramic views of the airport and the aircraft. These decks provide a unique opportunity to relax, enjoy the view, and immerse yourself in the airport atmosphere.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport restaurants and cafes

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) offers a wide range of dining options throughout its terminals. Passengers can find various restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets to suit their tastes and preferences. Here are some of the places where you can eat at BER:

Food courts at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The airport features food courts in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 5, offering a diverse selection of eateries. These food courts typically have multiple options, including international cuisines, fast-food chains, and local specialties.

Restaurants and Cafes at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

BER has a range of sit-down restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a more leisurely meal or a quick snack. These establishments serve a variety of dishes, from regional German cuisine to international flavors.

Grab-and-Go outlets: For those in a hurry or looking for something to eat on the go, there are numerous grab-and-go outlets and kiosks located throughout the airport. These places offer a selection of sandwiches, salads, pastries, and beverages for convenient and quick dining.

Coffee shops: Several coffee shops and bakeries are available at BER, providing a place to grab a cup of coffee or tea along with pastries or light snacks.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport shops

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) offers a range of shopping opportunities within its terminals. Passengers can explore various retail outlets that cater to diverse needs and interests. Here are some of the places where you can shop at BER:

Duty-Free shops at Berlin Brandenburg Airport 

BER features duty-free shops where passengers can find a wide selection of tax-free items, including cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol, tobacco, confectionery, and electronics. These shops offer a convenient opportunity to purchase products at reduced prices for international travelers.

Fashion and accessories shops at Berlin Brandenburg Airport 

The airport has several fashion and accessory stores, offering clothing, footwear, bags, watches, and jewelry. Popular international and local brands are often represented, allowing travelers to shop for the latest fashion trends or pick up travel essentials.

Electronics and gadgets shops at Berlin Brandenburg Airport  

Tech-savvy passengers can explore electronics stores that sell gadgets, smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other electronic accessories. These outlets provide an opportunity to purchase or upgrade technology devices while traveling.

Books, news, and convenience stores: BER has bookstores, newsstands, and convenience stores where travelers can purchase newspapers, magazines, books, snacks, beverages, travel essentials, and other convenience items.

Souvenirs and gifts: Various shops offer a range of souvenirs, gifts, and locally-themed merchandise. These stores allow passengers to pick up mementos, traditional crafts, Berlin-themed items, and other unique gifts to commemorate their trip or bring back as presents for loved ones.

Travel and luggage: Travelers in need of travel-related products can find stores offering luggage, travel accessories, travel-sized toiletries, adapters, and other essentials for a smooth journey.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport car rental

At Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), several car rental companies have counters conveniently located within the terminals. Passengers can easily rent a car upon arrival or make a reservation in advance. Here are some of the car rental companies available at BER:

Other Berlin Brandenburg Airport services you might need

  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency room
  • Children area

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