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Almaty International Airport is an international airport in the largest city in Kazakhstan. It is situated 15 km northeast from the centre of the city. Over 5.6 million passengers travelled through the Almaty Airport in 2017. Almaty International Airport is the hub for Air Astana, Bek Air, SCAT Airlines, and Qazaq Air.


Mailin St 2, Almaty 050039, Kazakhstan


Almaty Airport boasts a comprehensive parking infrastructure, offering both internal and external parking facilities to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. The internal parking spaces are conveniently located within the airport premises, providing quick and easy access to the terminals for departing and arriving passengers. These spaces are typically ideal for short-term stays, allowing for seamless transitions between the parking area and the airport facilities. On the other hand, the external parking spaces offer a more extensive and cost-effective option for those seeking longer-term parking solutions. Positioned in close proximity to the airport, these external parking areas are well-maintained and secure, ensuring the safety of vehicles throughout the duration of travelers' journeys. Whether opting for the convenience of internal parking or the affordability of external options, Almaty Airport prioritizes a hassle-free parking experience for all passengers.

On-site parking at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport provides a convenient and secure on-site parking option for travelers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those who prefer the ease of parking within the airport premises. The on-site parking facilities are strategically located in close proximity to the airport terminals, offering quick and direct access for both departing and arriving passengers. Equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, the on-site parking ensures the safety of vehicles throughout their stay. This option is particularly suitable for short-term parking needs, allowing travelers to seamlessly transition between their vehicles and the airport facilities. With well-marked spaces and efficient traffic flow, on-site parking at Almaty Airport is designed to enhance the overall travel experience, providing a convenient and reliable solution for those seeking proximity and ease of access.

Contact information: On-site parking

Almaty Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: +7 7272 70 33 33


External parking options at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport extends its parking options beyond the confines of the immediate airport premises, offering external parking solutions to accommodate diverse traveler needs. The external parking areas are designed for those seeking cost-effective and longer-term parking arrangements. Positioned in proximity to the airport, these external spaces provide a viable alternative for passengers looking to park their vehicles for extended durations without compromising on safety or accessibility. Almaty Airport ensures that these external parking facilities are well-maintained, secure, and easily accessible, allowing travelers to benefit from a more economical choice while still enjoying the convenience of being near the airport. With efficient shuttle services connecting the external parking areas to the airport terminals, this option offers a balance between affordability and accessibility, catering to the preferences of a broad range of airport users.

Parking rates and fees at Almaty Airport

Parking rates vary based on the type and duration of parking. To get the most accurate and current information on parking rates at Almaty Airport, please visit the official Almaty Airport website or contact their customer service directly. Below you will find an approximate comparison of prices for the parking rates and fees at Almaty Airport, provided by MYFLYRIGHT.

Short-term parking at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport recognizes the need for quick and convenient parking solutions, and to address this, it provides dedicated short-term parking options. Ideal for travelers embarking on brief journeys, short-term parking at Almaty Airport offers proximity to the terminals, allowing for swift and effortless access to the airport facilities. Positioned strategically within the airport premises, these parking spaces cater to passengers requiring a temporary parking solution, such as those dropping off or picking up passengers. The short-term parking area is designed for efficiency, featuring well-marked spaces and streamlined traffic flow. With a focus on accessibility and ease of use, Almaty Airport's short-term parking ensures a seamless transition for individuals with shorter stays, enhancing the overall convenience of their travel experience.

Long-term parking at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport recognizes the diverse parking needs of travelers, especially those embarking on longer journeys or extended trips, and thus offers comprehensive long-term parking options. Positioned strategically within proximity to the airport, the long-term parking facilities provide a secure and cost-effective solution for passengers requiring extended parking durations. Ideal for individuals traveling for vacations, business trips, or any extended period, these spaces are equipped with robust security measures to ensure the safety of vehicles throughout their stay. Almaty Airport's long-term parking areas are well-maintained, offering a convenient balance between affordability and accessibility. With the provision of efficient shuttle services connecting the long-term parking zones to the airport terminals, travelers can confidently leave their vehicles for an extended period, knowing they can easily access the airport facilities upon their return. This option caters to those seeking a reliable and economical parking solution for extended travel plans.

Covered and uncovered parking at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport recognizes the importance of providing versatile parking options, accommodating both the preferences and needs of its diverse clientele. For those seeking additional protection for their vehicles, the airport offers covered parking facilities. These covered spaces shield vehicles from the elements, providing shelter from weather conditions such as rain, snow, or intense sunlight. This option is ideal for passengers who prioritize the added protection of their cars during their time at the airport. On the other hand, for those who prefer an open-air parking experience, Almaty Airport also provides uncovered parking spaces. These areas are well-maintained and offer a more cost-effective solution for travelers who may not require the extra protection provided by covered spaces. Whether opting for covered or uncovered parking, Almaty Airport ensures that both options meet high standards of security, accessibility, and convenience to enhance the overall parking experience for all travelers.

Valet parking at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport enhances the convenience and luxury of travel by offering valet parking services, providing a seamless and time-saving solution for passengers. The valet parking option allows travelers to hand over their vehicles to professional attendants upon arrival, who then responsibly park the cars in secure designated areas. This premium service is designed for those seeking a heightened level of convenience, particularly suitable for business travelers or individuals with tight schedules. Valet parking at Almaty Airport ensures quick access to the airport terminals upon departure and swift retrieval of vehicles upon return. With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, the valet service exemplifies Almaty Airport's commitment to providing a premium and stress-free parking experience for discerning travelers.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices by offering electric vehicle charging stations within its parking facilities. These charging stations cater to the growing number of environmentally conscious travelers who use electric vehicles. Positioned conveniently within the airport premises, these stations enable travelers to charge their electric cars while parked, ensuring a seamless and sustainable travel experience. Almaty Airport's initiative not only supports the adoption of electric vehicles but also reflects a dedication to reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Travelers can recharge their electric vehicles efficiently, promoting the use of clean energy and contributing to the airport's overall commitment to environmental responsibility.

Payment options at Almaty Airport parking

Almaty Airport prioritizes convenience for its patrons, extending a variety of payment options at its parking facilities to accommodate diverse preferences. Whether utilizing short-term, long-term, covered, or uncovered parking, visitors can make payments through multiple channels. Traditional payment methods such as credit cards and cash are readily accepted at automated payment kiosks conveniently located within the parking areas. Moreover, to enhance efficiency, Almaty Airport embraces modern digital payment solutions, allowing travelers to use mobile payment applications or contactless payment methods for a swift and hassle-free transaction experience. By offering a range of payment options, Almaty Airport ensures that the parking process aligns with the evolving preferences of its passengers, fostering a seamless and customer-friendly environment.

Real-time parking availability at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport leverages technology to enhance the parking experience for travelers by providing real-time parking availability information. Through a user-friendly online platform or mobile application, passengers can access up-to-the-minute data on parking spaces within the airport premises. This innovative service assists travelers in planning their arrivals and departures more efficiently, allowing them to make informed decisions based on current parking availability. Whether seeking short-term, long-term, covered, or uncovered parking, passengers can rely on Almaty Airport's commitment to transparency, ensuring a seamless parking experience by providing real-time information and optimizing the utilization of parking spaces for the convenience of all airport visitors.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Almaty Airport parking

To maintain efficient use of its parking facilities, Almaty Airport has established maximum stay durations for both short-term and long-term parking options. This policy ensures fair and equal access to parking spaces for all travelers. In the event that a vehicle exceeds the designated maximum stay period, overstaying charges will apply. These charges are implemented to encourage timely turnover of parking spaces and to deter extended occupancy, thus facilitating accessibility for other airport users. Almaty Airport is committed to creating a fair and organized parking system, and the maximum stay and overstay charges serve as a mechanism to optimize parking availability and accommodate the diverse needs of its patrons efficiently.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Almaty Airport

Almaty Airport values customer loyalty and offers parking discounts and loyalty programs to enhance the overall experience for frequent travelers. The airport's loyalty programs provide incentives such as discounted parking rates, exclusive promotions, or accumulated points that can be redeemed for various benefits. Travelers who frequently utilize Almaty Airport's parking facilities can enjoy cost savings and additional perks through these programs. By fostering customer loyalty, Almaty Airport not only rewards regular patrons but also encourages continued use of its parking services. This commitment to customer satisfaction and appreciation reflects the airport's dedication to providing valuable benefits and cost-effective solutions to those who choose to park their vehicles at the airport regularly.

Reservations at Almaty Airport parking

Almaty Airport recognizes the importance of offering a streamlined and convenient parking experience, and to facilitate this, it provides the option for parking reservations. Travelers can secure their parking space in advance through an online reservation system, ensuring peace of mind and convenience upon arrival. This service is particularly advantageous during peak travel times or for those with specific parking preferences. By allowing reservations, Almaty Airport enables passengers to plan their journeys more efficiently, reducing stress associated with finding available parking spaces. Whether opting for short-term or long-term parking, the reservation system reflects the airport's commitment to providing a customer-centric approach, offering a seamless and pre-planned parking solution for the benefit of its patrons.

Accessibility at Almaty Airport parking

Almaty Airport places a strong emphasis on accessibility within its parking facilities, ensuring that all passengers, regardless of mobility challenges, can navigate the parking areas with ease. Designated accessible parking spaces are strategically located near entrances for convenient access to the airport terminals. These spaces are equipped with ramps and other accessibility features to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Almaty Airport also provides shuttle services with accessibility features, facilitating the transport of passengers between parking areas and terminals. The airport is committed to creating an inclusive environment, and its accessible parking options exemplify this dedication by ensuring that all travelers can enjoy a seamless and convenient experience when utilizing the parking facilities at Almaty Airport.

Shuttle service at Almaty Airport parking

Almaty Airport enhances the convenience of its parking facilities by offering a shuttle service to streamline the transit between parking areas and the airport terminals. This complimentary shuttle service provides a quick and efficient means of transportation, catering to passengers utilizing both short-term and long-term parking options. The shuttles are designed to ensure a seamless connection, running at regular intervals and offering a comfortable and convenient way for travelers to reach their desired terminals without the need for extended walks. This service not only saves time for passengers but also adds an extra layer of accessibility, making the overall airport experience at Almaty more efficient and passenger-friendly.

Security measures at Almaty Airport parking

Almaty Airport prioritizes the safety and security of vehicles parked within its facilities, implementing robust security measures to safeguard the belongings of travelers. The parking areas are equipped with surveillance cameras, well-lit surroundings, and regular patrols by trained security personnel. Access control systems are in place to monitor and regulate entry, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the parking facilities. Additionally, the airport employs modern technology and advanced security protocols to deter and address any potential security threats. These comprehensive security measures provide reassurance to passengers, assuring them that their vehicles are in a secure environment while parked at Almaty Airport. The commitment to maintaining a safe parking environment reflects the airport's dedication to passenger well-being and contributes to an overall positive travel experience.


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