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Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport is an international airport in the second largest city in Spain. It's situated 12 km from the city centre. More than 50.1 million air travellers pass through Barcelona Airport per year (recorded in 2018). Barcelona Airport is the hub for Level and Vueling.


08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona


At Barcelona Airport, travelers are provided with convenient parking options to suit their needs. For those preferring the ease of on-site parking, the airport offers internal parking facilities situated within walking distance of the terminals. This option provides travelers with the convenience of proximity, allowing for quick access to check-in counters and departure gates. Additionally, external parking options are available for those seeking more affordable or longer-term solutions. Shuttle services efficiently transport passengers from these external lots to the terminals, ensuring a seamless transition to their journey. Whether opting for internal on-site parking or external parking, Barcelona Airport caters to the diverse parking needs of its passengers, prioritizing convenience and accessibility.

On-site parking at Barcelona Airport

Internal on-site parking at Barcelona Airport offers travelers a convenient and hassle-free parking solution right within the airport premises. Located within walking distance of the terminals, internal on-site parking provides easy access to check-in counters and departure gates, saving passengers valuable time and effort. With well-lit and secure facilities, travelers can park their vehicles with peace of mind, knowing they're in a monitored environment. Whether you're flying for business or leisure, internal on-site parking at Barcelona Airport ensures a smooth and seamless start to your journey.

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Contact information: On-site parking at Barcelona Airport

For inquiries regarding on-site parking at Barcelona Airport, you can contact the airport's parking services directly:

Phone: +34 902 404 704


External parking options at Barcelona Airport

External parking options at Barcelona Airport offer travelers an alternative for parking their vehicles conveniently while potentially saving on costs. These parking facilities are located outside the airport premises but are still within close proximity, typically accessible via shuttle services that run frequently between the parking lots and the airport terminals. External parking options may include both uncovered and covered parking spaces, providing flexibility for travelers based on their preferences and budget. While not directly on-site, these external parking facilities often offer competitive rates and additional services such as valet parking or car washes. Overall, external parking options provide a practical solution for travelers seeking affordable and secure parking near Barcelona Airport.


Ctra. Antigua de Valencia km 4,3, salida 190, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 122 05 48



Parking Géminis

Edifici Geminis, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

Don Parking El Prat

Polígono, 11, Parcela 79, Reguerons, 08840 Viladecans, Barcelona

Phone: +34 630 00 87 77



Travel Parking BCN

CARRER CAMI CAN SABADELL S/N, 08840 Viladecans, Barcelona

Phone: +34 680 73 84 68



Victoria VIP Parking

Carrer de l'Alt Camp, 9, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona

Phone: +34 689 255 821



PimPam Parking

Autovia de Castelldefels, km 187, 08850 Gavà, Barcelona

Phone: +34637423899


Park and Fly Barcelona Airport

Camí dels Llanossos, 322, 08840 Viladecans, Barcelona

Phone: +34 670 84 53 72


Park and Greet

PARC NEGOCIS MAS BLAU, Carrer d'Osona, I), 2, 08820, Barcelona

Phone: +34 611 16 31 33



We Parking

Aeropuerto de Barcelona, C-32B, 08820

Phone: +34 611 18 56 88


Aero parking mundi auto

Mundiauto 2000 S.L. Ctra Ca l'Alaio Nº 3 – 4 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 370 27 63



Short-term parking at Barcelona Airport

Short-term parking at Barcelona Airport provides a convenient option for travelers needing parking for a brief duration, such as dropping off or picking up passengers. Located close to the airport terminals, these parking areas offer easy access to check-in counters and arrival halls, minimizing the time needed to navigate the airport. Short-term parking rates are typically calculated on an hourly basis, making them suitable for short stays. The parking facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras and security patrols to ensure the safety of parked vehicles. Additionally, some short-term parking areas may offer amenities such as covered parking to protect vehicles from the elements. Overall, short-term parking at Barcelona Airport provides a hassle-free solution for passengers with short stays, prioritizing convenience and accessibility.

Long-term parking at Barcelona Airport

Long-term parking at Barcelona Airport is ideal for travelers who require parking for an extended duration, such as those going on long trips or leaving their vehicles while away on vacation or business. These parking facilities offer secure and well-maintained options located further from the terminals but still within convenient reach via shuttle services. Long-term parking rates are typically more cost-effective when compared to short-term options and may be available for daily, weekly, or monthly stays. The parking areas are monitored with surveillance cameras and regular patrols to ensure the safety of parked vehicles. Additionally, some long-term parking facilities may offer discounted rates for extended stays, making them a practical choice for travelers planning extended trips. Overall, long-term parking at Barcelona Airport provides a reliable and economical solution for passengers requiring extended parking durations, offering peace of mind and convenience throughout their journey.

Covered and uncovered parking at Barcelona Airport

At Barcelona Airport, passengers have the option to choose between covered and uncovered parking areas to suit their preferences and needs. Covered parking provides protection from the elements, shielding vehicles from rain, sun, and other weather conditions. This option is ideal for travelers looking to safeguard their vehicles during their time away. On the other hand, uncovered parking areas offer open-air spaces, providing a more budget-friendly alternative for those prioritizing cost-efficiency. While uncovered parking may lack the shelter of covered areas, it still offers convenient access to the airport terminals and is monitored for security. Whether opting for covered or uncovered parking at Barcelona Airport, passengers can expect reliable and accessible parking options to accommodate their travel plans.

Valet parking at Barcelona Airport

Valet parking at Barcelona Airport offers travelers a premium and convenient parking service. With valet parking, passengers can simply drive up to the designated drop-off area near the terminal entrance, where a professional valet attendant will take charge of their vehicle. The valet attendant will then park the vehicle in a secure parking area while the passenger proceeds directly to check-in or departure gates. Upon return, passengers can request their vehicle to be brought back to the terminal for pick-up, saving time and effort. Valet parking services at Barcelona Airport provide travelers with a stress-free parking experience, ensuring convenience and efficiency throughout their journey.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Barcelona Airport

At Barcelona Airport, there are electric vehicle charging stations available to cater to the needs of environmentally conscious travelers. These charging stations are strategically located within the parking facilities, providing convenient access for electric vehicle owners. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, these charging stations offer travelers the opportunity to recharge their vehicles while they travel, ensuring they have sufficient power for their onward journey. The availability of electric vehicle charging stations at Barcelona Airport reflects the airport's commitment to sustainability and supporting eco-friendly transportation options for passengers.

Payment options at Barcelona Airport parking

At Barcelona Airport parking facilities, passengers have a variety of payment options available to facilitate a seamless parking experience. Most commonly, payments can be made using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, many parking areas accept cash payments in euros for added convenience. Some parking facilities may also offer alternative payment methods such as contactless payments or mobile payment apps for those who prefer electronic transactions. By providing multiple payment options, Barcelona Airport aims to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of travelers, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience for all.

Real-time parking availability at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport offers real-time parking availability information to help travelers plan their parking in advance. This service allows passengers to check the current availability of parking spaces online or through dedicated mobile apps. By accessing real-time updates, travelers can make informed decisions about where to park upon arrival at the airport, minimizing delays and ensuring a smoother parking experience. This feature is particularly beneficial during peak travel times when parking spaces may be in high demand. Barcelona Airport's real-time parking availability system enhances convenience for passengers, contributing to a more efficient and stress-free travel experience.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Barcelona Airport parking

At Barcelona Airport parking facilities, there are maximum stay limits in place to ensure fair usage of parking spaces. These limits vary depending on the type of parking (short-term, long-term, etc.) and are typically communicated to drivers upon entry or through signage within the parking areas. If a vehicle exceeds the maximum stay limit, overstay charges may apply. These charges are calculated based on the duration of the overstay and are typically charged at an hourly or daily rate, depending on the parking facility's policy. It's important for travelers to be aware of the maximum stay limits and overstay charges to avoid any unexpected fees while using parking services at Barcelona Airport.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport offers various parking discounts and loyalty programs to provide benefits to frequent travelers and encourage repeat usage of its parking facilities. These discounts may include promotional offers, special rates for certain groups such as frequent flyers, seniors, or students, as well as discounts for booking parking in advance online. Additionally, the airport may have loyalty programs where members can earn points or receive rewards for each parking transaction, which can then be redeemed for future parking discounts or other perks. By participating in these programs, travelers can enjoy cost savings and enhanced convenience when parking at Barcelona Airport, making their overall travel experience more rewarding.

Reservations at Barcelona Airport parking

Barcelona Airport offers the convenience of reservations for parking spaces, allowing travelers to secure their parking in advance and avoid any last-minute hassles. Through the airport's official website or dedicated parking reservation platforms, passengers can easily make reservations for both short-term and long-term parking options. By providing details such as the date and duration of parking needed, travelers can reserve a guaranteed parking spot tailored to their specific requirements. This service is particularly beneficial during peak travel seasons or busy periods when parking availability may be limited. Making a reservation ensures peace of mind and a smoother parking experience for passengers arriving at Barcelona Airport.

Accessibility at Barcelona Airport parking

Barcelona Airport parking facilities prioritize accessibility to accommodate passengers with diverse needs. Designated accessible parking spaces are strategically located near terminal entrances, providing convenient access for travelers with disabilities or reduced mobility. These spaces are wider and equipped with features such as extra room for wheelchair access and accessible pathways leading to the terminals. Additionally, parking facilities at Barcelona Airport are equipped with elevators, ramps, and accessible restrooms to ensure ease of navigation for all passengers. The airport also offers assistance services for passengers who require extra support, such as shuttle services from parking areas to the terminals. Overall, Barcelona Airport parking facilities strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all travelers, emphasizing accessibility and convenience.

Shuttle service at Barcelona Airport parking

Barcelona Airport parking facilities offer a convenient shuttle service to transport passengers between parking areas and the airport terminals. These shuttle services run regularly, providing efficient and timely transportation for travelers with luggage or those who prefer not to walk long distances. The shuttles are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, ensuring accessibility for all travelers. Shuttle stops are clearly marked within the parking facilities, making it easy for passengers to locate and utilize the service. Whether parking in short-term or long-term areas, the shuttle service at Barcelona Airport enhances convenience and streamlines the journey from parking to the terminals.

Security measures at Barcelona Airport parking

Security measures at Barcelona Airport parking facilities are comprehensive to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers. These measures typically include 24/7 surveillance through CCTV cameras, regular security patrols by trained personnel, and well-lit parking areas to deter criminal activity. Access to the parking facilities is usually controlled through gated entry and exit points, with ticketing systems or electronic access cards to monitor vehicle movements. Additionally, emergency call boxes are installed throughout the parking areas for immediate assistance if needed. Barcelona Airport parking facilities prioritize the security of parked vehicles and the safety of passengers, providing peace of mind for travelers throughout their journey.


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