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Bilbao Airport is an international airport of the tenth largest city in Spain. It's situated 9 km from the downtown area. By the end of 2018, Bilbao Airport had over 5.5 million passengers.


Bo. Gaztañaga, 48180 Loiu, Vizcaya, Spain


At Bilbao Airport, travelers benefit from both internal on-site parking and external parking options, providing convenient choices for a range of preferences. The airport offers internal on-site parking facilities within close proximity to the terminals, ensuring quick and easy access for passengers. These on-site parking areas are well-maintained, secure, and equipped with modern amenities to enhance the overall parking experience. Additionally, Bilbao Airport recognizes the importance of providing external parking alternatives to accommodate varying traveler needs. External parking options, situated in the vicinity of the airport, provide additional choices for those seeking cost-effective solutions or extended parking durations. Whether opting for the convenience of on-site parking or the flexibility of external options, Bilbao Airport aims to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for all visitors.

On-site parking at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport boasts a convenient and well-organized on-site parking infrastructure, designed to cater to the needs of travelers seeking seamless access to the terminals. The on-site parking facilities at Bilbao Airport are strategically located in close proximity to the terminals, minimizing travel time and enhancing overall convenience for passengers. These parking areas are equipped with modern amenities, including efficient shuttle services, secure surveillance systems, and user-friendly payment options. Whether travelers are embarking on short trips or extended journeys, the on-site parking at Bilbao Airport provides a reliable and secure solution. The airport's commitment to ensuring a positive parking experience is evident in the well-maintained facilities, contributing to a hassle-free start or conclusion of any travel adventure.

General car park

Premium car park

Long-stay car park

Express parking

Low-cost car park

Contact information: On-site parking

Bilbao Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: +34944597131



External parking options at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport offers convenient and accessible external parking options to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. With a range of choices, passengers can select from various parking lots situated around the airport perimeter, providing flexibility and ease of access. These external parking facilities are well-equipped with modern amenities, including 24/7 surveillance and secure fencing, ensuring the safety of parked vehicles. Additionally, many of these parking areas offer shuttle services to and from the airport terminals, enhancing the overall convenience for passengers with luggage or those seeking a seamless transition between their vehicle and their flight. Whether opting for short-term or long-term parking, Bilbao Airport's external parking options provide a reliable solution for travelers looking for practical and secure parking solutions during their journey.



Aparcamiento Aeropuerto Loiu


Aparcamientos del Norte - Aeropuerto


Parking rates and fees at Bilbao Airport

Parking rates vary based on the type and duration of parking. To get the most accurate and current information on parking rates at Bilbao Airport, please visit the official Bilbao Airport website or contact their customer service directly. Below you will find an approximate comparison of prices for the parking rates and fees at Bilbao Airport, provided by MYFLYRIGHT.

Short-term parking at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport offers a dedicated short-term parking solution, ideal for passengers requiring quick and convenient access to the terminals. The short-term parking facilities are strategically located near the entrance, minimizing walking distances for travelers. Whether dropping off or picking up passengers, the short-term parking area ensures efficient transitions, with hourly rates accommodating brief stays. Enhanced security measures provide peace of mind for those leaving their vehicles temporarily, making short-term parking at Bilbao Airport a practical choice for individuals looking for a swift and hassle-free experience.

Long-term parking at Bilbao Airport

For travelers planning extended trips, Bilbao Airport provides long-term parking options designed to meet their specific needs. These facilities offer secure and cost-effective solutions for extended stays, with a range of parking spaces available. Located within convenient proximity to the terminals, long-term parking ensures ease of access and efficient transportation options, including shuttle services. The airport's commitment to maintaining these areas ensures the safety and well-being of parked vehicles over more extended durations, making it a reliable choice for those embarking on lengthy journeys.

Covered and uncovered parking at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport caters to diverse parking preferences by providing both covered and uncovered parking options. Covered parking ensures protection from the elements, offering a shield against weather conditions such as rain or sun. Uncovered parking, on the other hand, provides an open-air alternative. Travelers can choose based on their preferences and requirements, with both options equipped with security measures to safeguard vehicles. The flexibility of covered and uncovered parking at Bilbao Airport enhances the overall parking experience, accommodating different needs and contributing to a positive travel journey.

Valet parking at Bilbao Airport

For those seeking the utmost convenience, Bilbao Airport offers valet parking services. This premium service allows passengers to drop off their vehicles at a designated valet area, where professional attendants take care of parking and retrieving the vehicles. Valet parking is an excellent option for travelers looking to streamline their airport experience, saving time and effort. The added convenience of valet parking makes it an attractive choice for individuals prioritizing efficiency and comfort, providing a luxurious touch to the overall travel experience.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Bilbao Airport

In line with the growing trend towards sustainable transportation, Bilbao Airport is equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. These stations support environmentally conscious travelers by providing a convenient and accessible way to charge electric vehicles while parked. The airport's commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, making it a welcoming and forward-thinking destination for those embracing greener modes of transportation.

Payment options at Bilbao Airport parking

To enhance the flexibility and convenience of parking at Bilbao Airport, a variety of payment options are available. Travelers can choose from traditional methods such as cash or credit cards, as well as modern digital payment solutions. This diversity in payment options ensures that passengers can easily settle their parking fees in the most convenient way for them, contributing to a seamless and user-friendly parking experience.

Real-time parking availability at Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport leverages technology to provide real-time information on parking availability. Passengers can access up-to-date data on the number of available parking spaces, allowing them to make informed decisions before arriving at the airport. This feature minimizes stress and uncertainty, offering a valuable tool for travelers planning their parking arrangements and contributing to a smoother overall airport experience.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Bilbao Airport parking

To manage parking availability and ensure turnover, Bilbao Airport imposes maximum stay limits for certain parking durations. In the event of overstays, transparent and fair charges are applied. These policies encourage a fair and efficient use of parking spaces, preventing long-term occupation and ensuring accessibility for all passengers. Clear communication of maximum stay rules and associated charges promotes a smooth parking process and supports the overall functionality of the airport's parking facilities.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Bilbao Airport

Recognizing the value of customer loyalty, Bilbao Airport offers parking discounts and loyalty programs. Regular travelers can benefit from reduced rates, exclusive promotions, or loyalty points that accumulate over time. These incentives not only reward frequent visitors but also contribute to a positive relationship between the airport and its patrons. Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Bilbao Airport demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and appreciation for those who choose the airport as their preferred travel hub.

Reservations at Bilbao Airport parking

To enhance the convenience of travel planning, Bilbao Airport allows passengers to make parking reservations in advance. This option ensures a guaranteed parking space upon arrival, providing peace of mind and eliminating concerns about availability during peak travel times. Whether for short-term or long-term parking needs, reservations contribute to a stress-free experience, allowing travelers to focus on their journey rather than parking logistics.

Accessibility at Bilbao Airport parking

Bilbao Airport prioritizes accessibility for all passengers, including those with mobility challenges. Designated accessible parking spaces are strategically located close to terminal entrances, ensuring ease of access. The airport's commitment to inclusivity extends to features such as ramps, elevators, and accessible shuttle services, creating a welcoming environment for individuals with diverse mobility needs.

Shuttle service at Bilbao Airport parking

To facilitate seamless transportation between parking areas and the terminals, Bilbao Airport provides efficient shuttle services. These services operate regularly, ensuring quick and convenient transfers for passengers with luggage or those preferring not to walk. The shuttle system enhances the overall accessibility and functionality of the airport's parking facilities, contributing to a smooth and well-coordinated travel experience.

Security measures at Bilbao Airport parking

Security is a top priority at Bilbao Airport's parking facilities, with comprehensive measures in place to safeguard vehicles and ensure the safety of passengers. Surveillance cameras, well-lit areas, and dedicated security personnel contribute to a secure parking environment. These measures provide reassurance to travelers leaving their vehicles at the airport, fostering a sense of confidence in the overall safety of the parking facilities. These measures work together to create a secure parking environment, fostering a sense of confidence in the overall safety of the parking facilities.


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