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Birmingham Airport is an international airport in the United Kingdom. It's located approximately 13 km southeast from the downtown area. The air traveller flow in 2018 was 12.6 million passengers. It is the base for, Ryanair, TUI Airways.


Trident Rd, Birmingham B26 3QJ, UK


Birmingham Airport boasts a comprehensive array of parking options, both internal and external, to accommodate the diverse needs of travelers. Internal options include the Short Stay Parking, strategically situated for quick access to terminals, ideal for brief visits or business trips. The Multi-Storey Parking provides covered spaces across multiple levels, offering protection from the elements and advanced security measures. External choices encompass the Long Stay Parking, perfect for extended trips with shuttle services for swift transfers, and Off-Site Parking, often a budget-friendly alternative with convenient shuttle services. Additionally, the premium Meet and Greet Parking service ensures a hassle-free experience with professional drivers handling the parking process. Both internal and external parking areas prioritize security, feature online booking options, and maintain accessibility, contributing to a seamless and secure parking experience at Birmingham Airport.

On-site parking at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport offers convenient and secure on-site parking options, providing travelers with a range of choices to suit their needs. The Short Stay Parking is situated within walking distance of the terminal buildings, making it ideal for quick drop-offs, pick-ups, or short stays. This option ensures swift access to departure and arrival areas, catering to the needs of business travelers or those seeking immediate proximity to the terminals.

For covered parking with added protection from the weather, the Multi-Storey Parking is available. With multiple levels, this facility is located close to the terminals, offering both convenience and shelter for parked vehicles. Advanced security measures are implemented to ensure the safety of cars within this on-site parking structure.

In addition, Birmingham Airport provides a premium Meet and Greet Parking service, allowing travelers to have their vehicle parked by a professional driver. This service enhances the overall convenience of parking, particularly appealing to those with heavy luggage or tight schedules. Overall, the on-site parking facilities at Birmingham Airport prioritize accessibility, security, and a seamless experience, contributing to a stress-free start or end to your journey.

Contact information: On-site parking

Birmingham Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: +44 345 050 7080



External parking options at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport offers a range of external parking options to cater to the diverse needs of travelers, providing both cost-effective and convenient choices. The Long Stay Parking is an ideal option for those embarking on extended trips or vacations. Situated a short distance from the airport terminals, it offers shuttle services for quick and efficient transfers, making it a practical and budget-friendly solution.

Off-Site Parking facilities, located just outside the immediate airport premises, provide competitive pricing compared to on-site options. These facilities often include shuttle services, ensuring a smooth transition to and from the airport, making them an attractive choice for travelers seeking affordability without sacrificing convenience.

For a premium parking experience, there is the Meet and Greet Parking service available externally. With this option, a professional driver meets travelers at the airport, takes charge of parking their vehicle, and returns it upon their arrival, offering a convenient and time-saving solution.

Whether opting for Long Stay Parking, Off-Site Parking, or the premium Meet and Greet service, external parking options at Birmingham Airport provide flexibility and affordability, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all types of travelers.

Parking rates and fees at Birmingham Airport

Parking rates vary based on the type and duration of parking. To get the most accurate and current information on parking rates at Birmingham Airport, please visit the official Birmingham Airport website or contact their customer service directly. Below you will find an approximate comparison of prices for the parking rates and fees at Birmingham Airport, provided by MYFLYRIGHT.

Parking Price per Day Price per Week Distance from Terminal Transfer
Valet parking - 94,99 £ 3 Minutes Valet
Car park 1 84,99 £ 99,30 £ 1 Minute Walking distance
Car park 2 and 3 84,99 £ 94,99 £ 1 Minute Walking distance
Car park 4 79,99 £ 89,99 £ 5 Minutes Walking distance
Car park 5 75,99 £ 84,99 £ 5 Minutes Walking distance

External parking rates and fees at Birmingham Airport

External parking options are available for your convenience, providing ample space and easy access to our facilities. Detailed information about the locations, pricing, and available services for each parking area can be found in the table below.

Parking Price per Day Price per Week Distance from Terminal Transfer
Airparks Self Park 41,99 £ 70,99 £ 14 minutes Shuttle
Airparks Express 45,99 £ 77,99 £ 3 minutes Shuttle
Airparks Express – Larger Vehicles 91,98 £ 155,98 £ 3 minutes Shuttle
Aph Express 45,99 £ 77,99 £ 3 minutes Shuttle
Maple Parking Meet And Greet 75,00 £ 100,00 £ 2 minutes Valet
Park Up Meet And Greet 65,00 £ 100,00 £ 2 minutes Valet

Short-term parking at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport provides convenient short-term parking options for travelers requiring quick and easy access to the terminal buildings. The Short Stay Parking is specifically designed for brief visits, drop-offs, or pick-ups, offering proximity to the terminals for added convenience. This on-site parking option is strategically located within walking distance of the terminal buildings, providing swift access to departure and arrival areas.

Short Stay Parking at Birmingham Airport is well-suited for business travelers or those who need immediate access to the terminals without the need for a lengthy walk or shuttle ride. It offers a hassle-free solution for individuals looking for a temporary parking space, ensuring a seamless transition during their short-term stays at the airport.

Overall, Birmingham Airport's Short Stay Parking is designed to accommodate the unique needs of travelers with short-term parking requirements, prioritizing accessibility, and providing a quick and efficient parking solution within close proximity to the terminal buildings.

Long-term parking at Birmingham Airport

For travelers planning extended trips or vacations, Birmingham Airport offers convenient long-term parking options to ensure the security and affordability of parked vehicles. The Long Stay Parking facility is designed to cater to the needs of those requiring extended parking durations.

Located a short distance from the airport terminals, the Long Stay Parking area is equipped with shuttle services, facilitating efficient and timely transfers between the parking facility and the airport. This option provides a cost-effective solution for travelers seeking budget-friendly parking while ensuring the safety and well-being of their vehicles.

Birmingham Airport's Long Stay Parking is characterized by its accessibility and reliability, making it an ideal choice for those embarking on extended journeys. With the convenience of shuttle services and a focus on security measures, this long-term parking option aims to provide a stress-free experience for travelers leaving their vehicles for an extended period at the airport.

Covered and uncovered parking at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport accommodates diverse parking preferences with both covered and uncovered options. The Multi-Storey Parking facility offers covered spaces across multiple levels, protecting vehicles from weather elements and ensuring convenience with its proximity to the terminals. This option is ideal for those seeking sheltered parking. On the other hand, the Long Stay Parking provides uncovered spaces, suitable for travelers embarking on extended trips. While lacking weather protection, this option is cost-effective and includes shuttle services for efficient transfers to and from the airport terminals. Both covered and uncovered parking areas incorporate advanced security measures, allowing travelers to choose the parking solution that best suits their needs and preferences at Birmingham Airport.

Valet parking at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport offers a premium and convenient valet parking service for travelers through its Meet and Greet Parking option. This service provides a hassle-free experience, allowing passengers to drop off their vehicles at the terminal entrance, where a professional valet driver takes charge of parking. This premium service is particularly beneficial for those with heavy luggage, tight schedules, or a preference for a seamless departure process.

With Meet and Greet Parking, travelers can enjoy the luxury of having their vehicle securely parked by a dedicated driver. Upon return, the car is brought back to the terminal, providing a swift and efficient departure. This valet parking service adds an extra layer of convenience and time-saving for passengers, contributing to an overall stress-free travel experience at Birmingham Airport. While this service may come at a higher cost, it is designed to cater to the comfort and efficiency sought by those looking for a premium parking option.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport has been proactive in promoting sustainable travel, including facilities for electric vehicles. They have recognized the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. However, specific details about the number of charging stations, their locations, or any potential changes to the infrastructure might have occurred since then. Therefore, it's advised to check the most recent information on the official Birmingham Airport website or contact the airport directly for the latest and most accurate details regarding electric vehicle charging stations. The airport is likely to provide convenient charging solutions to cater to the growing number of electric vehicle users and support eco-friendly travel options.

Payment options at Birmingham Airport parking

Birmingham Airport offers travelers a range of convenient payment options for parking. Accepted methods typically include major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Embracing modern technology, the airport also facilitates contactless payments through compatible cards or mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Pre-booking parking online is encouraged, with payment seamlessly processed through the online booking system. While the trend leans toward digital transactions, some parking facilities may still accept cash; however, it's advisable to confirm this information before arrival. The flexibility in payment options ensures that travelers can choose the method that best suits their preferences and provides a hassle-free experience at Birmingham Airport.

Real-time parking availability at Birmingham Airport

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information on real-time parking availability at Birmingham Airport, it is recommended to check the official airport website or contact the airport's customer service directly. The airport's website or relevant mobile applications may provide real-time updates on parking availability, allowing travelers to plan and navigate their parking choices more efficiently. Keep in mind that technological advancements and services offered by airports can change, so it's essential to verify the latest information closer to your travel date.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Birmingham Airport parking

Typically, airport parking facilities have designated areas for short-stay and long-stay parking, each with its own rules regarding maximum stay durations. Short-stay parking is designed for brief visits, while long-stay parking caters to travelers going on extended trips.

Overstay charges may be applicable if you exceed the specified duration for your chosen parking option. These charges can vary, and it's crucial to be aware of the terms and conditions associated with the selected parking facility. Checking the airport's official website or contacting their customer service will provide the most accurate and current information on maximum stay durations and any potential charges for overstays at Birmingham Airport.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is likely to offer parking discounts and loyalty programs to enhance the experience for travelers. These may include online booking discounts for those who plan in advance through the official airport channels. Frequent parker programs might be in place, providing loyal users with benefits, discounts, or points accumulation. Affiliated partnerships with credit card companies or travel agencies may extend exclusive discounts to their customers when using the airport's parking services. Additionally, special promotions, such as seasonal or holiday discounts, may be available for a limited time. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on parking discounts and loyalty programs, travelers are encouraged to check the official Birmingham Airport website or contact the airport directly for the latest details and offerings.

Reservations at Birmingham Airport parking

Birmingham Airport provides travelers with the convenience of making parking reservations in advance, ensuring a secure and hassle-free parking experience. By utilizing the airport's official website or affiliated booking platforms, travelers can reserve their parking spaces online. This reservation system allows passengers to choose from various parking options, including short-stay, long-stay, multi-storey, and valet services, based on their preferences and travel needs. The online reservation process typically involves selecting the desired dates and times, providing necessary information, and completing the payment transaction. Booking parking in advance not only guarantees a spot but may also offer potential discounts or promotional rates. For the most accurate and current information regarding reservations at Birmingham Airport parking, it is recommended to visit the official airport website or contact their customer service directly.

Accessibility at Birmingham Airport parking

Birmingham Airport is committed to ensuring accessibility in its parking facilities for travelers with diverse needs. Specifically designed accessible parking spaces, located conveniently close to terminal buildings, cater to passengers with disabilities. The airport provides wheelchair assistance services to aid those requiring help navigating between parking areas and terminals. Designated drop-off and pick-up zones near terminals further enhance accessibility, ensuring quick access for individuals with reduced mobility. Shuttle services, if applicable, are designed to be accessible, facilitating seamless transportation for passengers with mobility challenges. Clear signage guides individuals with disabilities throughout the parking facilities, and the airport's official website offers comprehensive information on accessible parking options and services. For additional assistance or specific inquiries, travelers can contact the airport directly, ensuring a smooth and accommodating experience for all passengers.

Shuttle service at Birmingham Airport parking

Birmingham Airport offers a convenient shuttle service to facilitate seamless transportation between parking areas and the airport terminals. This shuttle service is designed to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers, providing a quick and efficient way to access the airport. The shuttles typically operate at regular intervals, ensuring that travelers have timely and convenient transfers to and from the parking facilities.

The shuttle service at Birmingham Airport aims to accommodate the diverse needs of passengers, including those with luggage or reduced mobility. The designated shuttle stops are strategically located within the parking areas, allowing for easy boarding and alighting.

Travelers utilizing Birmingham Airport's parking facilities can rely on the shuttle service for a hassle-free journey, ensuring a smooth transition between their vehicles and the airport terminals. For specific details regarding shuttle schedules, stops, and other relevant information, it is recommended to check the official Birmingham Airport website or contact the airport directly.

Security measures at Birmingham Airport parking

Birmingham Airport places a strong emphasis on the security of vehicles within its parking facilities, employing a comprehensive range of measures to ensure a safe environment. Surveillance cameras, integrated throughout the parking areas, actively monitor and record activities, acting both as a deterrent and a means of surveillance. Well-lit facilities contribute to visibility and discourage unauthorized activities, while regular patrols by security personnel maintain a vigilant presence. Access control systems and entry/exit barriers regulate the flow of vehicles, ensuring only authorized individuals can access the parking areas. Perimeter fencing adds an additional layer of security, complementing the overall safety measures. Emergency assistance points are strategically marked, providing quick access to help if needed. For those who pre-book online, secure payment gateways and data protection measures are in place, ensuring the confidentiality of personal and financial information. These collective security measures affirm Birmingham Airport's commitment to providing a secure environment for parked vehicles, fostering confidence among travelers in the safety of their parked vehicles. For the latest information, it is recommended to check the official Birmingham Airport website or contact the airport directly.


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