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It's approximately 8 km away from the downtown area. The traveller traffic in 2018 was 6.2 million passengers. Nantes Atlantique Airport is the hub for Volotea, Transavia France, and EasyJet.


44346 Bouguenais, France


Nantes Airport boasts a well-organized parking infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of travelers, offering both internal and external parking options. Internally, the airport provides convenient and secure parking facilities within the airport premises, ensuring easy access to the terminals. These internal parking spaces are often preferred by passengers seeking proximity to the departure and arrival areas, providing a seamless transition between their vehicles and the terminal. Additionally, Nantes Airport recognizes the importance of external parking alternatives and offers ample spaces in designated areas surrounding the airport. These external parking lots provide flexibility for travelers who may prefer more cost-effective options or for those who require extended parking durations. Whether opting for internal convenience or external affordability, Nantes Airport strives to accommodate the parking preferences of its diverse range of passengers.

On-site parking at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers a convenient and secure on-site parking solution, providing travelers with the ease of access and proximity to the terminal facilities. The on-site parking at Nantes Airport is designed to streamline the travel experience by allowing passengers to park their vehicles in close proximity to the departure and arrival areas. This not only ensures a seamless transition between parking and checking-in but also adds an element of convenience for those with tight schedules. With well-maintained parking spaces and effective security measures, on-site parking at Nantes Airport provides peace of mind for travelers, assuring them that their vehicles are in a safe and monitored environment throughout their journey. Whether passengers are on a short trip or an extended vacation, the on-site parking facilities at Nantes Airport cater to the diverse needs of travelers, contributing to an overall stress-free travel experience.

Contact information: On-site parking

Nantes Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: + 0 892 568 800



External parking options at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers a range of external parking options to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of travelers. External parking provides an alternative for those seeking cost-effective solutions or extended parking durations. These designated parking areas situated in the vicinity of the airport provide convenient shuttle services, ensuring swift and efficient transfers between the parking lots and the terminals. External parking at Nantes Airport is designed to accommodate various vehicle sizes and is often favored by passengers looking for budget-friendly choices without compromising on security. The availability of these external parking options contributes to the overall accessibility and flexibility of parking arrangements, enhancing the airport experience for a broad spectrum of travelers arriving or departing from Nantes.

Parking rates and fees at Nantes Airport

Parking rates vary based on the type and duration of parking. To get the most accurate and current information on parking rates at Nantes Airport, please visit the official Nantes Airport website or contact their customer service directly. Below you will find an approximate comparison of prices for the parking rates and fees at Nantes Airport, provided by MYFLYRIGHT.

Parking Price per Day Price per Week Distance from Terminal Transfer
Parking P1 Couvert 58,00 € 145,60 € 2 minutes Shuttle
Parking P2 58,50 € 120,50 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Parking P3 52,70 € 86,80 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking P4 35,50 € 106,50 € 4 minutes Shuttle
Parking P5 49,80 € 114,50 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking P6 35,50 € 106,50 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking P7 ECO 33,50 € 68,90 € 10 minutes Shuttle
Parking P8 ECO 33,50 € 68,90 € 10 minutes Shuttle
Parking P9 ECO 33,50 € 68,90 € 10 minutes Shuttle
Parking P10 ECO 25,00 € 66,50 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking P11 ECO 25,00 € 66,50 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking P11 electric ECO 25,00 € 66,50 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Depose minute/ Direct 20 minutes max 20 minutes max 2 minutes Shuttle

External parking rates and fees at Nantes Airport

External parking options are available for your convenience, providing ample space and easy access to our facilities. Detailed information about the locations, pricing, and available services for each parking area can be found in the table below.

Parking Price per Day Price per Week Distance from Terminal Transfer
Ouest Parking Couvert 31,50 € 44,10 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Ouest Parking Exterieur 26,25 € 36,75 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Beluga park 24,00 € 45,00 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Very good park Nantes 22,00 € 50,00 € 5 minutes Shuttle
Parking de l'Aéronautique Exterieur 19,00 € 45,00 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Parking de l'Aéronautique Couvert 34,00 € 70,00 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Proxi park 20,80 € 54,80 € 2 minutes Shuttle
Blue valet Nantes 35,10 € 71,40 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Aéroport Auto Service 26,00 € 78,00 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Aéropark 27,00 € 79,00 € 3 minutes Shuttle
Ector 51,00 € 83,00 € 1 minute Shuttle

Short-term parking at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers a convenient short-term parking solution tailored for passengers looking to make quick stops for drop-offs, pick-ups, or short-duration stays. The short-term parking facilities are strategically located in close proximity to the airport terminals, ensuring swift and efficient access to check-in counters and departure gates. These parking areas are designed for the convenience of those requiring immediate access to the terminal buildings, making them ideal for business travelers or those on short trips. Nantes Airport's short-term parking provides a hassle-free experience with easy entry and exit procedures, allowing passengers to optimize their time without compromising on proximity or security. With well-marked spaces and efficient traffic flow, short-term parking at Nantes Airport is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of travelers with a focus on speed, accessibility, and convenience.

Long-term parking at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers a reliable and secure long-term parking option, catering to the needs of travelers embarking on extended journeys or requiring extended parking durations. The long-term parking facilities are thoughtfully designed to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on safety. Positioned conveniently within the airport vicinity, these parking areas are equipped with regular shuttle services, ensuring convenient and timely transfers between the parking lots and the terminals. Travelers opting for long-term parking at Nantes Airport can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their vehicles are safeguarded by robust security measures. The flexibility of these parking options allows passengers to plan their trips without concerns about the safety and accessibility of their parked vehicles. Whether for leisure or business travel, Nantes Airport's long-term parking provides a practical and dependable solution for those requiring extended parking services.

Covered and uncovered parking at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers a versatile parking experience with both covered and uncovered parking options to suit the preferences and needs of diverse travelers. Covered parking provides a sheltered environment, protecting vehicles from the elements, ensuring they remain shielded from adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or intense sunlight. This option is particularly popular for those seeking added protection and a pristine condition upon their return. On the other hand, uncovered parking offers a more open-air setting, often preferred by budget-conscious travelers or those who prioritize quick and easy access to their vehicles. The availability of both covered and uncovered parking at Nantes Airport reflects a commitment to accommodating various preferences, ensuring a well-rounded parking experience for visitors with different priorities and travel plans.

Valet parking at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport offers the convenience of valet parking, providing a premium and time-saving service for travelers seeking a seamless parking experience. With valet parking, passengers can drop off their vehicles at a designated area near the airport entrance, where a professional valet attendant takes charge of parking the car in a secure facility. This service is designed to save time and eliminate the hassle of finding a parking spot, making it an excellent option for those with tight schedules or looking for a touch of luxury. Upon returning to the airport, passengers can simply contact the valet service, and their vehicle will be ready for pickup at the designated area. Nantes Airport's valet parking exemplifies a commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience, offering a convenient and efficient solution for passengers who prioritize ease and efficiency in their journey.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the evolving needs of modern travelers by providing electric vehicle charging stations within its premises. These charging stations cater to the growing number of environmentally conscious passengers opting for electric vehicles. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these stations allow travelers to conveniently recharge their electric cars while parked at the airport. This amenity aligns with the airport's dedication to reducing carbon footprints and fostering eco-friendly travel options. The availability of electric vehicle charging stations at Nantes Airport not only promotes sustainable practices but also encourages the adoption of electric transportation, providing a thoughtful and progressive service for travelers embracing a greener approach to their journeys.

Payment options at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport prioritizes convenience for travelers by offering a variety of payment options for parking services. Passengers can easily settle their parking fees using traditional methods such as credit and debit cards, providing a straightforward and widely accepted approach. Additionally, the airport is attuned to the evolving landscape of digital transactions and often includes contactless payment methods, mobile apps, and online platforms, allowing passengers to seamlessly pay for their parking using the latest technology. The diverse range of payment options caters to the preferences of a broad spectrum of travelers, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience when settling parking charges at Nantes Airport. This commitment to accommodating various payment preferences reflects the airport's dedication to enhancing the overall satisfaction of its visitors.

Real-time parking availability at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport goes the extra mile to enhance the parking experience for travelers by providing real-time parking availability information. Through advanced technological systems and digital platforms, passengers can access up-to-the-minute updates on parking space availability. This service allows travelers to plan their arrival with confidence, knowing the current status of parking facilities at the airport. Whether through the airport's official website, mobile applications, or other communication channels, real-time parking availability information assists passengers in making informed decisions, optimizing their time, and ensuring a seamless parking experience at Nantes Airport. This commitment to transparency and convenience underscores the airport's dedication to providing a modern and efficient travel environment for its visitors.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport implements a fair and transparent parking policy that includes maximum stay durations to accommodate various travel needs. Travelers using the airport's parking facilities should be aware of the specified maximum stay period to avoid any inconvenience. In the event of an overstay beyond the designated duration, the airport may impose additional charges. These overstay charges are in place to manage parking availability efficiently and encourage turnover for the benefit of all users. Nantes Airport's clear communication of maximum stay regulations and associated charges ensures that passengers are well-informed, promoting a smooth parking experience and allowing the airport to maintain a well-organized and accessible parking system for everyone.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Nantes Airport

Nantes Airport recognizes the value of passenger loyalty and offers parking discounts as part of its commitment to providing enhanced services. The airport often introduces promotional discounts for various parking options, rewarding frequent travelers with cost-saving benefits. Additionally, Nantes Airport may have a dedicated loyalty program that offers exclusive perks to returning customers, such as discounted rates, priority parking, or other privileges. These initiatives not only contribute to a more economical and satisfying parking experience for regular visitors but also foster a strong sense of customer loyalty. By implementing discounts and loyalty programs, Nantes Airport demonstrates its dedication to building lasting relationships with its patrons, encouraging them to choose the airport for their travel needs repeatedly.

Reservations at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport provides the convenience of parking reservations, allowing travelers to secure their parking spaces in advance and plan their journeys with added assurance. By offering an online reservation system through its official website or dedicated platforms, the airport enables passengers to book parking spaces tailored to their specific needs, whether for short-term stays or extended periods. This service not only ensures peace of mind by guaranteeing a parking spot upon arrival but also enhances the overall travel experience by eliminating the uncertainty associated with finding suitable parking on the day of travel. Nantes Airport's reservation system exemplifies its commitment to providing efficient and customer-centric services, giving passengers the flexibility and confidence to manage their parking arrangements seamlessly.

Accessibility at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport places a strong emphasis on accessibility, ensuring that its parking facilities cater to the diverse needs of all travelers. The parking areas are designed to be easily navigable, with clearly marked spaces and pathways to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. The airport also provides designated accessible parking spaces located close to entrances, making it convenient for passengers with disabilities to access the terminals. Additionally, Nantes Airport prioritizes the availability of services such as ramps, elevators, and other amenities that facilitate smooth mobility for all visitors. This commitment to accessibility reflects the airport's dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that parking facilities are welcoming and user-friendly for passengers of varying abilities.

Shuttle service at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport enhances the convenience of its parking services by offering a reliable shuttle service to and from the parking areas. This shuttle service is particularly beneficial for travelers utilizing external or long-term parking options. The well-organized shuttle system ensures prompt and regular transfers between the parking lots and the airport terminals, providing a seamless and time-efficient transportation solution. Passengers can rely on the shuttle service to navigate the airport premises swiftly, facilitating a smooth transition from their parked vehicles to the check-in counters or arrival areas. Nantes Airport's commitment to providing a comprehensive and efficient shuttle service adds an extra layer of convenience to the overall parking experience, particularly for those with heavy luggage or seeking an expedited journey through the airport.

Security measures at Nantes Airport parking

Nantes Airport prioritizes the safety of parked vehicles and the well-being of its patrons by implementing robust security measures across its parking facilities. The airport employs surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras, to monitor parking areas continuously. Access control measures, such as entry and exit barriers, help regulate vehicle movements and enhance the overall security of the premises. Well-trained security personnel are often present to conduct regular patrols, ensuring a visible and responsive presence throughout the parking areas. Adequate lighting and clearly marked emergency exits contribute to a secure environment for passengers using Nantes Airport's parking services. By maintaining a steadfast commitment to security, the airport aims to provide travelers with peace of mind, assuring them that their vehicles are safeguarded during their time at the airport.


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