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It's approximately 12 km away from the city centre. At Prague Airport, in 2018, over 17 million passengers were recorded. Václav Havel Airport is the hub for Czech Airlines and Smartwings. It is also the base for Ryanair.


Aviatická, 161 08 Praha 6, Czech Republic


Prague Airport, also known as Václav Havel Airport Prague, offers both internal and external parking options for travelers. Internal parking comprises parking garages located directly at the airport terminals, providing convenient access to departure and arrival areas. Though typically pricier, internal parking is favored by those seeking proximity to the terminals. Conversely, external parking lots are situated slightly farther away, catering to travelers who prioritize cost-effectiveness or extended stays. These lots often include shuttle services to and from the terminals, ensuring seamless transportation for passengers and their belongings.

On-site parking at Prague Airport

Prague Airport, also known as Václav Havel Airport Prague, offers convenient on-site parking options for travelers. These include both short-term and long-term parking facilities located close to the terminals for easy access. Short-term parking is ideal for brief stays, such as dropping off or picking up passengers, while long-term parking is suitable for travelers leaving their vehicles for extended periods. The on-site parking facilities are well-maintained and equipped with security measures to ensure the safety of parked vehicles. Additionally, shuttle services may be available to transport passengers between the parking areas and the terminals for added convenience. Travelers are encouraged to check the current availability and rates directly with Prague Airport or its official website for the most accurate information.

Contact information: On-site parking

Prague Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: +420 220 111 888



External parking options at Prague Airport

Prague Airport provides convenient external parking options for travelers who seek cost-effective or longer-term parking solutions. These external parking lots are located slightly further away from the terminals but are still easily accessible. They offer suitable alternatives for passengers looking to save on parking fees or for those planning extended trips. Shuttle services are typically available to transport passengers between the external parking areas and the terminals, ensuring seamless connectivity. These parking facilities are designed to provide security for parked vehicles, offering peace of mind to travelers.

Parking rates and fees at Prague Airport

Parking rates vary based on the type and duration of parking. To get the most accurate and current information on parking rates at Prague Airport, please visit the official Prague Airport website or contact their customer service directly. Below you will find an approximate comparison of prices for the parking rates and fees at Prague Airport, provided by MYFLYRIGHT.

Short-term parking at Prague Airport

Prague Airport offers convenient short-term parking options for travelers. The P1 Express Parking is the primary choice for short stays, situated closest to the terminals for quick access. It's ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers, providing easy access to both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. While slightly pricier than long-term options, P1 Express Parking offers the convenience of proximity and swift terminal access. For those needing short-term parking solutions, this option at Prague Airport ensures a seamless and efficient experience

Long-term parking at Prague Airport

Prague Airport provides long-term parking solutions for travelers requiring extended parking durations. The P3 Economy Parking area offers cost-effective options for longer stays, situated a short distance from the terminals. Serviced by a complimentary shuttle bus, this parking area ensures convenient transportation to and from the terminals. Additionally, Holiday Parking is tailored specifically for travelers with extended parking needs, offering budget-friendly rates and reliable facilities. Both options cater to travelers seeking secure and affordable long-term parking at Prague Airport, ensuring peace of mind during their journeys.

Covered and uncovered parking at Prague Airport

Prague Airport offers both covered and uncovered parking options to accommodate the preferences and needs of travelers. For covered parking, P2 Comfort Parking is available, providing sheltered spaces within walking distance of the terminals. This option is suitable for short and long stays, offering protection from the elements. On the other hand, P3 Economy Parking provides uncovered parking spaces, which are ideal for travelers seeking more budget-friendly options for longer stays. While uncovered, P3 Economy Parking still offers reliable facilities and a complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminals. Whether travelers prioritize covered protection or seek more economical uncovered parking, Prague Airport provides suitable options to ensure a comfortable and convenient parking experience.

Valet parking at Prague Airport

Prague Airport offers convenient valet parking services for travelers seeking ultimate convenience and efficiency. With valet parking, passengers can simply drive up to the designated drop-off point at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, where professional staff members will take charge of parking the vehicle securely. This service saves travelers time and hassle, especially during busy travel periods, as they can bypass searching for parking spaces and navigating parking lots. Upon return, passengers can retrieve their vehicle directly from the designated pick-up area, making the departure and arrival process seamless and stress-free. Valet parking at Prague Airport provides a premium parking solution for travelers looking for a hassle-free and efficient experience.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Prague Airport

Prague Airport recognizes the importance of sustainable transportation and offers electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for travelers driving electric or hybrid vehicles. These charging stations are strategically located within the parking facilities, providing convenient access for EV owners. Travelers can easily locate these stations using signage or by inquiring with airport staff. By offering EV charging facilities, Prague Airport supports eco-friendly transportation options and ensures that travelers can recharge their vehicles while parked, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions associated with travel.

Payment options at Prague Airport parking

Prague Airport provides various payment options to facilitate parking transactions for travelers' convenience. Typically, these payment methods include cash, credit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), and sometimes contactless payment methods like mobile payment apps or NFC-enabled cards. Additionally, some parking areas may offer automated payment kiosks where travelers can pay using cash or cards before exiting the parking facility. Moreover, online booking and payment options may be available for those who prefer to reserve and pay for their parking in advance. These payment options ensure flexibility and ease of use for travelers using parking services at Prague Airport.

Real-time parking availability at Prague Airport

As of my last update in January 2022, real-time parking availability information for Prague Airport might not be directly accessible through their website or other online platforms. However, many airports worldwide have been implementing or planning to implement real-time parking availability features on their websites or through dedicated apps. To check real-time parking availability at Prague Airport, you should visit the official Prague Airport website or contact their customer service directly. They might be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on parking availability, especially during peak travel times when parking spaces may be limited. Additionally, some third-party parking apps or services might offer real-time updates on parking availability at Prague Airport. It's worth exploring these options if you're looking for convenient ways to check parking availability before arriving at the airport.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Prague Airport parking

The maximum stay and overstay charges at Prague Airport parking facilities can vary depending on the specific parking area and duration. Typically, short-term parking areas like P1 Express Parking may have a maximum stay limit of 24 hours, while long-term parking areas like P3 Economy Parking or Holiday Parking may allow for extended stays ranging from several days to weeks. If you exceed the maximum stay limit at any parking area, overstay charges may apply. These charges are often calculated based on the duration of the overstay and can vary in amount. It's essential to check the terms and conditions of parking at Prague Airport, including maximum stay limits and overstay charges, to avoid any unexpected fees. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on maximum stay limits and overstay charges, it's recommended to refer to the official Prague Airport website or contact their customer service directly. They can provide you with detailed information specific to your parking needs and help you plan your parking duration accordingly.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Prague Airport

Prague Airport provides value/prepaid cards tailored for frequent users of express parking facilities. These cards offer various benefits, including free 15-minute parking in the express lots once every 24 hours, along with discounted rates for re-entry based on the prepaid tariff options: Tariff A (with a CZK 500 deposit) and Tariff B (with a CZK 2,000 deposit). Interested individuals can obtain the card at the AeroParking counter located in the PC COMFORT lobby of the car park. The purchase price for the card is CZK 235, and in case of card loss, the purchase price must be paid again. Additionally, if the card gets damaged, a CZK 120 fee applies for issuing a replacement card. For any inquiries, customers can reach out to the AeroParking counter by phone at +420 220 114 022 or via email at

Reservations at Prague Airport parking

Parking reservations at Prague Airport can be made to ensure a hassle-free experience upon arrival. By booking in advance, travelers can secure their parking space, especially during peak travel times. Reserving parking allows for convenience and peace of mind, knowing there's a spot waiting upon arrival. To make a reservation, individuals can contact the airport's parking department directly or utilize the online booking system provided on the Prague Airport website. Whether for short-term or long-term stays, making a reservation in advance is a smart choice to streamline the parking process and avoid any last-minute stress.

Accessibility at Prague Airport parking

Prague Airport parking facilities prioritize accessibility to accommodate passengers with diverse needs. Designated accessible parking spaces are available close to terminal entrances, ensuring convenient access for travelers with disabilities or mobility challenges. These spaces are equipped with features such as wider aisles and ramps for easier navigation. Additionally, shuttle services are often provided to transport passengers between parking areas and terminals, with wheelchair-accessible vehicles available upon request. Furthermore, Prague Airport parking facilities comply with accessibility standards, including reserved spaces for individuals with disabilities, clearly marked pathways, and accessible amenities such as restrooms and payment kiosks. The airport strives to ensure that all passengers, regardless of their abilities, can access and utilize parking facilities comfortably and safely.

Shuttle service at Prague Airport parking

Prague Airport offers a convenient shuttle service to facilitate transportation between parking areas and terminal buildings. This shuttle service operates on a regular schedule, ensuring passengers can easily access their desired parking location or terminal departure point. The shuttles are equipped to accommodate passengers and their luggage comfortably, providing a hassle-free transfer experience. Additionally, the shuttle service is designed to be accessible to individuals with mobility challenges, with wheelchair-accessible vehicles available upon request. Whether arriving at the airport or returning from a trip, travelers can rely on the shuttle service to streamline their journey and enhance overall convenience.

Security measures at Prague Airport parking

Prague Airport parking facilities prioritize the safety and security of passengers and their vehicles through various measures. These include the presence of security personnel who monitor the parking areas around the clock. Additionally, the parking facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor activity and deter unauthorized access or suspicious behavior. Access to the parking areas is typically controlled through entry gates, with ticketing systems or electronic access cards used to ensure only authorized vehicles can enter and exit. Furthermore, well-lit parking areas and clear signage contribute to enhancing visibility and safety for passengers and their vehicles, particularly during nighttime hours. By implementing these security measures, Prague Airport aims to provide travelers with peace of mind while parked on-site, knowing that their vehicles are in a secure environment.


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