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Vienna Airport is an international airport in the largest city in and the capital of Austria. It is located 18 km from the centre of the city. It had over 31.66 million travellers in 2019. Vienna International Airport is the hub for Austrian Airlines. It is also the base for Eurowings Europe, Lauda, Wizz Air and others.


Vienna airport, 1300 Schwechat, Austria


Vienna Airport caters to diverse parking needs with internal on-site options for those seeking proximity and convenience near the terminals. Additionally, external parking choices provide cost-effective alternatives, connected to the airport via shuttle services. With a range of options, Vienna Airport aims to offer flexibility and accessibility to accommodate the preferences of all travelers.

On-site parking at Vienna Airport

Internal on-site parking at Vienna Airport provides a seamless and convenient solution for travelers. Situated close to the terminals, these parking facilities offer easy access and a smooth transition from the vehicle to the departure gates. The internal parking options are well-maintained, secure, and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers. Whether for short-term stays or longer journeys, Vienna Airport's internal on-site parking is designed to meet the diverse needs of travelers with efficiency and accessibility.

Parking Garage 3 (Parkhaus 3)

Parking Garage 4 (Parkhaus 4)

Parking Garage P4

Parking Lot A

Parking Lot C

Contact information: On-site parking

Vienna Airport on-site parking services can be contacted at the following:

Phone: +43-1-7007-0



External parking options at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport offers convenient external parking options to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. These budget-friendly alternatives provide a cost-effective solution for those seeking economical parking solutions while still enjoying the efficiency of Vienna Airport. External parking areas are well-connected to the terminals through shuttle services, ensuring easy access for passengers. This option not only provides financial flexibility but also contributes to a streamlined and accessible parking experience, making Vienna Airport a versatile choice for all types of travelers.

Below you will find a list of external parking options at Vienna Airport:

M Parking Vienna Airport Schwechat

Heiligenstädter Lände 13, 1190 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 890091850



Park & Ride Schwechat Nord (Parkplatz Fischamendstraße)

Industriestraße 4, 2320 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: +43170108253


Park & Ride Erdberg

Safargasse, 1030 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 51312410


Valet Parking Vienna Airport

1300 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: +43-1-7007-22204



Parktiger Flughafenparkplatz 1

Eisteichstraße 20, 2320 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: +4312350557


Parktiger 2 parking lot

Pechhüttenstraße 8, 2320 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: +4312350557


Parktiger Flughafenparkplatz 3

Schillergasse 1, 2402 Maria Ellend, Austria

Phone: +4312350557


APCOA Parking Vienna Airport

Marina, Handelskai 343, 1020 Wien, Austria

Phone: +49 711 305 703 00



Short-term parking at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport's short-term parking is conveniently located near the terminals, offering swift access for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. Ideal for short stays, this option provides hassle-free and well-marked spaces, with rates typically calculated on an hourly basis. Whether it's a brief business meeting or a speedy farewell, the airport's short-term parking caters to the immediate needs of travelers, ensuring a seamless experience with easy navigation and proximity to the main terminals.

Long-term parking options at Vienna Airport

Catering to extended stays, Vienna Airport's long-term parking presents secure and affordable options. Tailored for vacationers or business travelers, these facilities provide dedicated spaces with rates calculated on a daily or weekly basis. Strategically positioned for accessibility, the convenience of these spaces is enhanced by reliable security measures. This ensures peace of mind for passengers entrusting their vehicles to Vienna Airport for an extended period.

Covered and uncovered parking facilities at Vienna Airport

Tailoring to a range of preferences, Vienna Airport features both covered and uncovered parking facilities. Shielding vehicles from the elements, covered spaces provide added protection, while uncovered options offer a more budget-friendly alternative. Whether prioritizing shelter or seeking a cost-effective choice, Vienna Airport's parking facilities deliver convenience and flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs of all travelers.

Valet parking at Vienna Airport

For travelers prioritizing seamless convenience, Vienna Airport provides valet parking services. With valet parking, passengers can experience a hassle-free transition by dropping off their vehicles at a designated area near the terminal entrance. This premium service, tailored for those valuing efficiency, allows professional attendants to handle the parking, enhancing the overall travel experience at Vienna Airport. Whether in a rush or desiring a smooth start to their journey, valet parking caters to individuals seeking personalized and time-saving solutions during their airport experience.

Electric vehicle charging stations at Vienna Airport

Addressing the surging demand for eco-friendly travel, Vienna Airport installs strategically located electric vehicle charging stations within its parking facilities. This initiative reflects the airport's dedication to environmental responsibility, supporting travelers in minimizing their carbon footprint. Equipped with modern technology, these charging stations offer a reliable and efficient solution for electric vehicle users, aligning with Vienna Airport's broader commitment to modern and sustainable amenities. This eco-conscious feature contributes to a greener travel experience, allowing travelers to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into their journeys.

Parking payment options at Vienna Airport

Offering a variety of payment options, Vienna Airport ensures convenience for travelers. Payment methods include traditional options like cash or credit cards, providing flexibility for transactions. The airport also embraces modern digital solutions, enabling tech-savvy passengers to settle parking fees effortlessly. This diverse range caters to all visitors, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether choosing traditional or digital payment, Vienna Airport's commitment to flexibility enhances overall parking accessibility, allowing travelers to select their preferred method for added convenience.

Real-time parking availability information at Vienna Airport

Enhancing the parking experience, Vienna Airport provides real-time parking availability information. This feature enables travelers to instantly check the status of available parking spaces, facilitating efficient decision-making and optimizing facility usage. Whether during peak times or spontaneous visits, the real-time updates ensure quick navigation and location of suitable parking spaces, contributing to a more streamlined travel experience. Vienna Airport's commitment to user-friendly and dynamic parking environments is evident through this technology-driven approach, ensuring patrons enjoy a stress-free parking experience with up-to-the-minute information on available spaces.

Maximum stay and overstay charges at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport implements maximum stay guidelines within its parking facilities to optimize space usage. Travelers are advised to adhere to these time limits to avoid potential overstay charges, which are incurred when vehicles exceed the designated parking duration. This policy is crucial for maintaining fair access to parking spaces and preventing misuse, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined parking experience for all airport visitors. Overstay charges act as a deterrent for prolonged parking, encouraging turnover and accommodating the diverse needs of passengers. By enforcing these regulations, Vienna Airport aims to strike a balance between providing convenient parking options and managing the demand for limited parking spaces, contributing to an organized and accessible environment for travelers.

Parking discounts and loyalty programs at Vienna Airport

Valuing its frequent patrons, Vienna Airport offers appealing parking discounts and loyalty programs. These initiatives, featuring exclusive rates, discounts, or loyalty points, provide economic benefits for regular users of the airport's parking services. By participating in these programs, travelers enjoy cost savings and additional perks, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat usage of Vienna Airport's parking facilities. The airport's commitment to providing economical and rewarding parking experiences aligns with its goal of creating a positive and loyal customer base, enhancing overall satisfaction for those choosing Vienna Airport for their travel needs.

Parking reservations at Vienna Airport

Simplifying the parking process, Vienna Airport allows travelers to reserve parking spaces in advance. Particularly beneficial during peak travel times, this feature ensures stress-free and organized arrivals by securing parking availability. Aligned with Vienna Airport's commitment to efficient services, the reservation system empowers travelers to plan ahead for a streamlined airport experience. Whether for business or leisure, reserving parking adds convenience, allowing passengers to focus on their journey without concerns about parking availability upon arrival. Vienna Airport's forward-thinking approach reflects its dedication to enhancing the overall ease and efficiency of the travel experience for visitors.

Parking accessibility at Vienna Airport

Prioritizing accessibility, Vienna Airport features dedicated parking spaces strategically positioned for individuals with diverse mobility needs. These specially designed spots ensure convenience for passengers with mobility challenges, fostering inclusivity and a welcoming environment. This commitment extends to both short-term and long-term parking options, underscoring Vienna Airport's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its patrons. Clear signage and well-designed pathways contribute to a seamless experience for those requiring accessible parking, allowing smooth transitions between parking areas and terminals. Vienna Airport's emphasis on accessibility underscores its commitment to providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for travelers of all abilities.

Shuttle service at Vienna Airport

Streamlining passenger connectivity, Vienna Airport offers a dedicated shuttle service for efficient transfers between parking areas and terminals. Particularly beneficial for users of external parking facilities, this service ensures timely transportation, contributing to a well-connected and convenient overall airport experience. With regular schedules and strategically placed pick-up points, the shuttle service prioritizes efficiency, reducing the time and effort required for passengers to navigate the airport grounds. Whether arriving from parking areas or needing seamless transfers between terminals, Vienna Airport's shuttle service provides a reliable and accessible transportation option, emphasizing the airport's commitment to enhancing the overall journey for its patrons.

Parking security measures at Vienna Airport

Ensuring vehicle safety, Vienna Airport prioritizes parking security measures with surveillance cameras, well-lit areas, and vigilant on-site personnel. These comprehensive measures apply to both short-term and long-term parking options, providing a sense of security for all patrons. Regular patrols and advanced monitoring technologies enhance overall safety. Vienna Airport's commitment to a secure environment reflects its dedication to visitor safety, contributing to a positive and reassuring airport experience.


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