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Get up to 600 €* in compensation and your ticket refunded

Get an individual refund offer for your unused flight ticket

Get up to 600 €* in compensation for your flight delay

Get up to 600 €* in compensation for your denied boarding

Get up to 1 500 €* in compensation for your delayed or lost luggage

Get a refund offer for your cancelled package tour

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1. The classic variant takes between 4 to 10 weeks on average, from the time of submitting your claim until the actual payout. This duration can vary from case to case and may take up to 4 months in some special cases. It all depends on the legal situation, airline, and the clarity of the case.

2. In the case of direct acquisition of your claim and complete set of documents, we will transfer your compensation amount to your bank account within 24 hours.

Every claim needs to be accompanied by a travel document confirming that you have booked the relevant flight. This can be a travel confirmation or a boarding pass in the form of a picture, PDF or printout.

No problem at all! Send your documents to our postal address MYFLYRIGHT GmbH, Schauenburgerstr. 61, 20095 Hamburg, Germany.

No! At no point in time will you bear any costs. We review your case completely for free and cover all the expenses (e.g. lawyer, court, etc.). ONLY when the claim is successful will we charge a commission fee, plus the statutory VAT.

Your data is only used for checking and enforcing your claim. Additional information can be found under the section “Data Privacy”.

Yes! There are extraordinary circumstances which are not within the control of the airline (e.g. bad weather, certain strikes, volcanic ash cloud, bomb threat, etc.).

We only earn upon the successful processing of our customer claims. This applies in cases where we manage to enforce the compensation claim against the airline. And for that, we receive a commission fee, plus the statutory VAT.

Yes! You can claim your compensation from the airline by yourself. However, the challenge lies in demonstrating patience as you navigate the red tape, dedicating enough time, as well as possibly obtaining sound legal advice and support.

You can find the answer here.

Yes, you can claim additional costs such as hotel, transportation to and from the airport (e.g. Taxi, train, etc.), meals and costs for the alternative transportation (new flight, train ticket, etc.). If you paid for these services by yourself, you can always use MYFLYRIGHT to claim your costs from the airline and get your money back.

Usually, the airline must provide passengers with various additional services in case of flight delay, cancellation and denied boarding. These services include free meals and refreshments, which you are entitled to when your flight is delayed by at least 2 hours. Passengers should also be granted free overnight accommodation when necessary, plus free transfer between the place of accommodation and the airport.

You have the right to get a full ticket refund and no, you do not need to accept the voucher offered by the airline. You should explicitly tell the airline you would like to receive a ticket refund. If you are having difficulties claiming your ticket refund, you can always use the services of MYFLYRIGHT and get your money back.

How much is your compensation?

600 € From 3 500 km
400 € 1 500 — 3 500 km
250 € Up to 1 500 km
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Get up to 600 €* in compensation