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MYFLYRIGHT: One provider for all passenger rights

Hamburg, 27.05.2019

MYFLYRIGHT has revised its website and expanded its service portfolio to include reimbursement of ticket costs and additional costs in the event of flight irregularities. Compensation for baggage problems is scheduled for April 2020. MYFLYRIGHT is the first and only company in the aviation market that offers its customers the opportunity to make all their travel claims through one portal.

According to an analysis by MYFLYRIGHT, passengers are entitled to compensation payments of more than 33 billion euros per year due to flight irregularities. More than half of these are due to flight delays of more than 3 hours, flight cancellations or denied boarding of passengers within the EU in the past 3 years. In addition, passengers worldwide suffer 14 billion euros in damages from delayed or lost luggage.

In Germany, air passengers have the right to reimbursement of tickets for unused trips in the amount of approx. 1 billion euros.

The extensive service portfolio - compensation for flight cancellations and delays, denied boarding, lost or delayed baggage and reimbursement of ticket costs - on the MYFLYRIGHT portal enables customers to simplify troubleshooting with all their flight irregularities.

MYFLYRIGHT is one of the leading passenger rights portals in Europe. Based on a number of different legal bases, including the EU Passenger Rights Regulation and the Montreal Agreement, MYFLYRIGHT pursues the goal of achieving justice for its customers. Thanks to specially developed technologies and efficient process procedures, customer groups can now be served that were previously excluded from the legal area.

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