The launch of MYFLYRIGHT’s new website

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The launch of MYFLYRIGHT’s new website

Hamburg, 01.07.2019

MYFLYRIGHT’s website has been redesigned by introducing new features and the adjustment of informative material, resulting in a more customer-friendly, streamlined and efficient online passenger rights portal.

In terms of performance, MYFLYRIGHT’s new website now loads faster, meaning customers can submit their claims in minimal time and the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices makes it a necessity to be mobile-friendly and meet the demands of customers.

Information displayed throughout the site has been restructured, making it more accessible and clearer to customers wishing to find out more about their passenger rights and the claims process with MYFLYRIGHT.

Additional features, such as regularly updated airline and airport statistics being displayed, allow customers to plan their future flights by selecting the airlines or airports with the highest level of performance.

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